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Нужно вставить артикли a, an, the 1. we are going to be late. let's take taxi, shall we? 2. is he going to paris or london next year? 3. the trip was very tiring and train was three hours late. 4. would you like going by train or by air? 5. it was stuffy in the bus. passengers were hot and angry. 6. there was nobody at the station. only taxi driver was waiting for rare
passengers to take them to their hotels. вместо нужно их поставить!


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4- __



там, где ничего не надо

ответ: 1 you mustn't talk at lesson

2. You must do homework

3. You musnt be late at lesson

4.You mustn't use your phone at lesson

5. You must go to school 5 day week


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